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Long time ago, in 1942 Scotland there was a Scottish boy called Angus MacMorrow lived in a large manor house on the shores of Loch Ness with his mother Anne, his sister, a cook, a maid, and an old game keeper. Later they were joined by Lewis Mowbray, who came to work as a handyman there. Angus loved his father so much so that he was unable to accept that his father might be dead because his ship had been sunk in the war.

One sunny day, while looking for seashells he found an enchanted egg. Then he took it home, he soon found himself faced to face with an amazing creature that he called “Crusoe”. Angus kept it a secret, but eventually told his sister and then Lewis about it. Lewis explained to Angus “It is a ‘Water Horse’ and it can be a boy and a girl, that it lays one egg, then dies before it can see it hatch”. The next day troops of the 12th Medium Regiment Royal Artillery arrived at the house. They were commanded by Captain Thomas Hamilton a friend of Lord Killin, the owner of the house who was serving with the Royal Air Force. An artillery battery was set up near the lake as defense against possible attacked or hiding German U-boats and the troops set up camp on the grounds of the house. Meanwhile, Crusoe grew so fast that hiding him became impossible and eventually Angus allowed Lewis to bring it to the lake.
After several days passed, Angus came to the lake where he left his friend. He rode on its back. Angus, scared of the water, loudly protested that it should stop diving, but later enjoyed himself, perhaps even overcame his phobia for the sea.  The peaceful set did not last long. Crusoe suffered from shell shocked after almost getting shot by which meant to stop enemy. Angus tried to stop the firing to save Crusoe from got hurt. Hamilton and the officers got mad at him and his mother punished him for a month.

Two fishermen who previously saw Crusoe while fishing attempted to take a photo of it in ordered to become rich. However, they were not able to take picture due to the bombardment test. Then they decided to create an imitation, which result in the real-life faked picture of The Loch Ness Monster, also knew as “The Surgeon’s Photo”. Then the photo was published in the newspaper. It was seen by a few soldiers then decided to kill it. Crusoe easily capsizes their boat. Angus escaped from his punishment and went to the lake. There he tried to calm Crusoe down and went into the lake where he lost his footing and sinks. Crusoe came to Angus then rescued and saved his life. After much coaxing from Angus, Crusoe decided to leave the loch for helter and safety. However, guns from the nearby Artillery battery opened fire upon Crusoe, mistaking it for a German U-Boat. Crusoe attempted to jump over the anti-submarine net but instead crushed it with its weight and escaped from the lake. It was implied that Angus finally accepted that his father might never returned home while he saw Crusoe’s departure from afar, along with Lewis and his family. Many years passed, Angus never saw it again and yet never doubted that it was real. Finally, Angus became a strong and independent man who always believed that he had a best friend that had changed his life to be more meaningful.

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